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Nevada Boxers Aiming for Titles

Photo: Tom R. Smedes

The Nevada boxing club team has a mix of veterans and newcomers as it hosts its first home bout of the season on Friday at the Eldorado Hotel and Casino convention center.

There are 13 bouts scheduled on the card that starts at 7 p.m., with eight Nevada boxers competing against boxers from UNLV, UC Davis, Santa Clara, Cal, Washington and West Point.

Nevada returns Jarred Santos and JJ Mariano, both of whom were runners-up at Nationals last year. Nevada’s Garrett

Felling, who won the national title last year at 185 pounds, has to sit out Friday’s bouts due to a hand injury. He is 10-0 in his college boxing career and is expected to return for Nevada’s next home card on Feb. 13.

Santos and Mariano both want what Felling has, a national title, and both worked over the summer and fall to achieve it this year.

In addition to extra conditioning, time was spent sparring and improving boxing skills.

Mariano, a junior who will box at 144 pounds Friday, said he still gets a little nervous before a fight.

“Nerves never go away, but, at the same time, I’m really excited,” Mariano said. “It’s been a while and I’ve been itching to fight.”

Santos, a senior, said his inside game needed work.

He said rather than backing up during a bout, he is focusing on staying in the middle of the ring and throwing counter punches.

“I’m starting to get a lot more comfortable staying on the inside when I’m fighting. Slipping punches rather than attacking up,” Santos said. “I’ve improved every year, just a little bit each year. All that’s left is to try to win Nationals. That’s what I’ve been striving for since I was a freshman. This is my last year to do it.”

Kirk Johnson and Zack Smith both won in Seattle last week. Johnson raised his record to 2-1 with a unanimous decision over Jamal Johnson, of Air Force.

In his first collegiate bout last week, Smith scored a unanimous decision over Dillon Willis of the Air Force Academy at 156 pounds.

Both will be in action Friday.

Johnson, a senior boxing at 145 pounds Friday, said a team title is a possibility this year.

“This is the best group we’ve had in years. The great thing is everyone is so close. We’re like a real family and we’re all working every day to make sure we get better,” Johnson said.

Johnson said he knows now what it will take to win a national title.

“I have to work a lot harder to achieve my goals. More sprint conditioning, more sparring, just more experience,” Johnson said.

He said adding a variety of punches to his repertoire is also part of his plan.

Regional championships will be in Reno and are scheduled for March 13-14.

Doors open at 6 p.m. Friday and the card starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 and are available through the Eldorado box office online at www.eldoradoreno.com or by calling 775-786-5700.

Source: Jim Krajewski, RGJ

Unification of Names of the 17 Weight Divisions


The WBC and the WBA have agreed in having the same names for all 17 weight divisions, and final confirmation is pending from the IBF. This will clear the so many different names which create confusion among, fans, commissions, media, and all involved in the boxing industry.

Following you will find the history of each division, as well as the final chart with the names.

Throughout the 19th century and edging into the 20th century, the eight original divisions were formed. These were: flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight.

•    Flyweight created on April 24th, 1916 in Liverpool, England. The first recognized title fight was Jimmy Wilde TKO in 11 rounds against Zulu Kid, in London.

•    Bantamweight created on Jun 27th, 1890. First fight: George Dixon RTD in 19 rounds against Nunc Wallace, in London.

•    Featherweight created on July 28th, 1891 in San Francisco, California, USA. First fight: George Dixon KO in 5 rounds against Abe Willis.

•    Lightweight created on January 14th, 1887 in Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA. First fight: Jack McAuliffe KO in 28 rounds against Harry Gilmore.

•    Welterweight created on October 30th, 1888 in Fort Foote, Virginia, USA. First fight: Paddy Duffy KO in 17 rounds against William McMillan.

•    Middleweight created on July 30th, 1884. First fight: Jack “Non Pareil” Dempsey KO in 22 rounds against George Fulljames.

•    Light Heavyweight created on April 22th, 1903, in Detroit, Michigan, USA. First fight: Jack Root won by UD in 10 rounds against Charles “Kid” McCoy.

•    Heavyweight officially created on February 7th, 1882 in Mississippi City, Mississippi, USA. First fight: John L. Sullivan KO in 9 rounds against Paddy Ryan.

3 Divisions were introduced after the original 8, which are:

•    Super Featherweight created on November 18th, 1921, in New York, USA. First fight: Johnny Dundee won by disqualification in 5 rounds against George “KO” Chaney.

•    Super Lightweight created in 1922, with Pinky Mitchell designated as champion by popular vote, but in the first fight on September 21st, 1926, Mushy Callahan won by points against Mitchell.

•    Super Welterweight created on October 20th, 1962 in Portland, Oregon, USA. First fight: Denny Moyer won by points against Joey Giambra.

The World Boxing Council has been, is, and always will be a pioneer of insuring boxers fight at their proper weight rather than trying to make dangerous dehydrating sacrifices, or vainly attempting to overreach themselves.

The following divisions were introduced by the WBC over the years as a safety measurement, shortening the weigh difference between one division and another making boxing safer to the contestants.

•    Minimumweight created at the 1986 WBC Convention in Aruba. First fight: Hiroki Ioka won by UD in 12 rounds against Mai Thonburifarm on October 8th, 1987 in Osaka, Japan.

•    Light Flyweight established at the WBC’s 1973 Convention in Salvador, Brazil. First fight: Franco Udella won by disqualification against Valentin Martinez on April 4th, 1975 in Milan, Italy.

•    Super Flyweight created during the WBC’s 1979 Convention in Casablanca. First fight: Rafael Orono won by unanimous decision in 15 rounds against Seung Hoon Lee on February 1st, 1980 in Caracas, Venezuela.

•    Super Bantamweight created during the 1987 WBC Convention in London. First fight: Rigoberto Riasco TKO in 9 rounds against Waringe Nakayama on April 3rd, 1976 in Panama.

•    Super Middleweight created during the WBC Convention in London, England in 1987. First fight: Ray Leonard KO in 9 rounds against Don Lalonde on November 7th, 1988 in Las Vegas.

•    Cruiserweight was created at the WBC’s 1978 Convention in Reno, Nevada. It was amended to 200 lbs., at the WBC’s 2004 Convention in Phuket, Thailand. First fight: Mate Parlov draw in 15 rounds against Marvin Camel on December 8th, 1979, in Yugoslavia.

Official Names for Boxing Weight Divisions – 2015

DIVISIONS                  POUNDS         KILOS

1. Minimumweight         105                  47.620

2. Light flyweight           108                  48.988

3. Flyweight                  112                  50.802

4. Super flyweight         115                  52.163

5. Bantamweight           118                  53.524

6. Super bantamweight  122                  55.338

7. Featherweight           126                  57.153

8. Super featherweight   130                  58.967

9. Lightweight               135                  61.235

10. Super lightweight     140                  63.503

11. Welterweight           147                  66.678

12. Super welterweight  154                  69.853

13. Middleweight           160                  72.575

14. Super middleweight 168                  76.204

15. Light heavyweight     175                  79.379

16. Cruiserweight           200                  90.719

17. Heavyweight         200+          90.719+

Source: BleacherReport