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2015 Regional Championships Results

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2015 East Regional Championship Results: @ US Military Academy, West Point

Qtrs 132-M Daniel Monnarez (CGA) stopped John Lee (UMass) RSC-1
Qtrs 156-M Anders Freiberg (Army) dec Kody Keoka (CGA) 3-0
Semi’s 125-M Alex Nicholson (PSU) stopped Andrew Cho (UMass) RSC-2
Semi’s 132-M Ryan Thompson (LHU) dec Daniel Monnarez (CGA) 2-1
Semi’s 132-M Angel Reyes (Army) dec Chris Strauss (PSU) 3-0
Semi’s 139-M Marquis Craig (PSU) dec Liam Otto (CGA) 3-0
Semi’s 156-M Anders Frieberg (Army) dec Zack Rice (LHU) 2-1
Semi’s 156-M Pierce Hessinger (PSU) dec Tylik Guilford (Shipp) 3-0
Semi’s 165-M Brett Pastore (Shipp) dec Tahari Gravesande (LHU) 2-1
Finals 119-M Alan Alvarado (Army) dec Haziz Self (Shipp) 3-0
Finals 125-M Tyler Payne (Army) stopped Alex Nicholson (PSU) RSC-3
Finals 125-F Jodie Villegas (PSU) won by walk-over
3rd pl 132-M Chris Straus (PSU) dec Daniel Monnarez (CGA) 2-1
Finals 132-M Angel Reyes dec Ryan Thompson (LHU) 2-1
Finals 132-F Kiana Keoka (CGA) dec Ada Ibe (Shipp) 2-1
Finals 139-M Juan Archeleta (Army) dec Marquis Craig (PSU) 3-0
Finals 139-F Mary Hazen (CGA) dec Emily Appleman (Shipp) 3-0
Finals 147-M Colton Sterk (Army) stopped Nate Sanders (Shipp) RSC-1
3rd pl 156-M Tylik Guilford (Shipp) dec Zack Rice (LHU) 3-0
Finals 156-M Pierce Hessinger (PSU) dec Anders Frieberg (Army) 2-1
Finals 156-F Taylor Varner (PSU) won by walk-over
Finals 165-M William Estes (Army) dec Brett Pastore (Shipp) 3-0
Finals 175-M Christian Bledsoe (Army) stopped Cristian Morales (LHU) RSC-3
Finals 185-M Zaire Ali (LHU) stopped Adam Kanavos (Army) RSC-1
Finals 195-M Joel Wyman (CGA) stopped Matt Reyes (Army) RSC-1
Finals Hwt-M Ryan Gibeley (Army) dec Aurimas Juodka (CGA) 2-1

2015 Mid-west Regional Championship Results: @ Iowa St University

Matched bout Michelle Kern (UNC) dec Carolina Covington (ISU) 3-0
Semi’s 139-M Adan Salguero (Miami) dec Josue Avila (ISU) 2-1
Semi’s 165-M Reuben Druckrey (Navy) dec Tamer Boulos (Xavier) 3-0
Semi’s 175-M Cameron Price (WVU) dec Luke Haun (ISU) 3-0
Semi’s 185-M Jake Beeson (UNC) dec Anthony Alexander (Navy) 2-1
Finals 119-F Carolina Covington (ISU) won by walk-over
Finals 119-M Carlos Perez (Navy) won by walkover
Finals 125-F Michelle Kern (UNC) won by walk-over
Finals 125-M Jed Salonga (Navy) won by walk-over
Finals 132-F Shannon Reilley (WVU) dec Portia Norkaitis (Navy) 3-0
Finals 132-M VJ Sakbun (Navy) dec Tohru Kamiya (Miami) 3-0
Finals 139-M Danny O’Neill (Navy) dec Adan Salguero (Miami) 2-1
Finals 147-F Olivia Meyer (ISU) dec Samantha Glaeser (Navy) 2-1
Finals 147-M Raashan Guyon (Miami) won by walk-over
Finals 156-F Stephanie Simon (Navy) stopped Erin Reilley (WVU) RSC-2
Finals 156-M Daniel Megal (ISU) dec Jeff Fuss (WVU) 2-1
Finals 165-M Dan Gibson (WVU) dec Reuben Druckrey (Navy) 3-0
Finals 175-M Jourdan Looney (Navy) dec Cameron Price (WVU) 3-0
Finals 185-M Kevin Fuss (WVU) dec Jake Beeson (UNC) 2-1
Finals 195_M Keon Briscoe (Navy) stopped Paul Barrow (Miami) RSC-3

2015 West Regional Championship Results @ Univ of Nevada-Reno

Qtrs 147-M Zach Smith (UNR) dec Brett Hagen (AFA) 3-0
Qtrs 156-M Johnny Aguilar (UNR) dec Sam Sheikh (AFA) 2-1
Qtrs 165-M Johnny Wells (AFA) stopped Zach Shipton (UNR) RSC-1
Qtrs 165-M Ruslan Nuriev (UNLV) dec Ariya Toroghi (San Jose St) 3-0
Semi’s 119-F Kellsie Pence (UW) stopped Hope Stremcha (AFA) RSC-1
Semi’s 119-F Denara Talley (UNLV) dec Azrael Nickens (Cal-Davis) 3-0
Semi’s 119-M Adam Sumait (AFA) dec Devin Bell (UW) 3-0
Semi’s 125-F Daryl Dawson (USC) stopped Heather Parcasio (AFA) RSC-2
Semi’s 125-M Roy Taylor (AFA) dec Xavier Williams (UNLV) 3-0
Semi’s 132-M Jamal Johnson (AFA) dec Hang Thao (UW) 2-1
Semi’s 139-M London Tomcho (AFA) dec Gerald Santos (Cal-Berkeley) 3-0
Semi’s 147-M James Porter (UW) dec Zach Smith (UNR) 2-1
Semi’s 147-M Craig Halaas (OSU) dec Charles Wu (Cal-Davis) 2-1
Semi’s 156-M Johhnny Aguilar (UNR) dec Russell Crandall (UW) 2-1
Semi’s 156-M Vlad Panin (UCLA) dec Ryan Wen (Cal-Berkeley) 3-0
Semi’s 165-M Ruslan Nuriev (UNLV) dec Albert Ta (UW) 2-1
Semi’s 165-M Omar Murillo (OSU) dec Johnny Wells (AFA) 2-1
Semi’s 185-M Chyre Anderson (UNLV) stopped Jasper Bourgette (UW) RSC-2
Semi’s 185-M Garrett Felling (UNR) stopped Chad Turney (AFA) RSC-1
Finals 112-M Mateus Arcano (AFA) won by walk-over
Finals 119-F Azrael Nickens (Cal-Davis) dec Kellsie Pence (UW) 2-1
Finals 119_M Adam Sumait (AFA) dec Ariel Guevara (UNLV) 2-1
Finals 125-F Jacque Ines (UW) dec Daryl Dawson (USC) 3-0
Finals 125-M Roy Taylor (AFA) dec Ryan Ruelan (San Jose St) 2-1
Finals 132-F Taylor Williams (UW) dec Masha Cavasoz (USC) 3-0
Finals 132-M Jared Santos (UNR) dec Jamal Johnson (AFA) 3-0
Finals 139-F Claire Glowniak (Cal-Berkeley) dec Lorin Lee (UW) 3-0
Finals 139-M JJ Mariano (UNR) dec London Tomcho (AFA) 3-0
Finals 147-M Craig Halaas (OSU) dec James Porter (UW) 2-1
Finals 156-M Johnny Aguilar (UNR) dec Vlad Panin (UCLA) 3-0
Finals 165-M Omar Murillo (OSU) dec Rulan Nuriev (UNLV) 3-0
Finals 175-M Richard Vansiclen (UW) stopped Gytenis Borusas (AFA) RSC-2
Finals 185-M Garrett Felling (UNR) won by DQ over Chyre Anderson (UNLV)
Finals 195-M Edgar Cortes (UW) dec Scott Wawrzyniak (AFA) 3-0
Finals Hwt Yohance Salimu (AFA) stopped Bryan Houghton (UW) RSC-2


Source: USIBA


College Boxers Vie for Regional Titles


The pressure to win a national boxing title ramps up this week, as the College Boxing Regional Championships begin in Reno.

The Nevada club boxing team will have six boxers vying for Regional championships, including sophomore Garrett Felling, who won a national title last year, his first year boxing.

Felling has been injured this year and will make his 2015 debut in Friday’s semifinals. He went 10-0 last year.

“I’m just trying not to be too big or too small,” Felling said. “Just stay right where I’m at and focus on what I can do right now at this time. I’m just here to do what I can do.”

Felling, a geological engineering major said he’s learned to use any nervousness to his advantage.
He said boxing in front of his hometown crowd is a big advantage. But at Nationals, where it won’t be a friendly crowd, he’ll have to focus on his opponent.

“When I go into the ring at the Eldorado and hear the crowd and see all the familiar faces and feel the support, it’s like the 12th man in Seattle,” Felling said.

For 10 boxers, quarterfinal action action begins at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Eldorado Hotel-Casino convention center.

Thursday’s five bouts are free to the public. On Friday, there will be 21 bouts, and those winners will earn berths to the Nationals next month in Florida.

Region championships bouts in 11 weight classes start at 6 p.m Saturday at the Eldorado. The Region winners and runners-up advance to Nationals.

Nevada’s six boxers in Regionals are Jarred Santos, 132 pounds; JJ Mariano, 139; Zach Smith, 147; Johnnie Aguilar, 156; Zach Shipton, 165 and Felling at 185 pounds.
Santos won Regionals the past two years.

“I’ve just got to go in there and do my job and hopefully come out with a win and move up to Nationals,” Santos said.

He went 3-1 this season with the loss coming last fall.

For Santos, a senior, this is his last chance for a national title.

“I’ve got to fight every fight like it’s going to be my last one at this point,” Santos said. “Just trying to have fun with it. I know what to expect and I know what’s it’s going to be like to be in the ring and how it feels.”

Santos said when he first started boxing, his nerves would often get the best of him.

“I’d probably be shaking right now, crying before Regionals when I was a freshman,” he said.
Smith, Aguilar and Shipton will all box Thursday night. Santos and Mariano have byes and will not box until Saturday.

There will also be female boxers in action, including from Air Force Academy and UNLV. Nevada does not have any female boxers this year.

Nationals are April 12-14 in Sunrise, Fla.

College Boxing West Region Championships
WHEN: 6 p.m., Thursday-Saturday.
WHERE: Eldorado Convention Center inside the Eldorado Resort Casino.
SCHOOLS: Nevada; Oregon State; Southern California; UCLA; UNLV; UC David; San Jose State; Cal-Berkeley; San Francisco; Santa Clara; Washington, Air Force Academy.
TICKETS: $15 available through the Eldorado Box Office online at eldoradoreno.com or by calling 775-786-5700.

Source: Jim Krajewski, RGJ