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The Greatest Fight in NCAA Championship History

According to Sports Illustrated (April, 1959), the greatest fight in NCAA championship history was the semifinal bout in the 1959 NCAA Championship Tournament. The fight, in the 165-lb class, featured Jim Flood from Sacramento State vs. Jesse Klinkenberg from Washington State University.

Through the three two-minute rounds it was toe-to-toe, each boy hammering with devastating skill and accuracy, each gaining in determination as the fight progressed and blood spattered from his heavily padded gloves. It was a magic six minutes, one of those rare occasions when athletes transcend their normal abilities.

Klinkenberg, who is an Alaska Indian, won and then, next night in the finals, lost a contrastingly routine bout to Charles Mohr of Wisconsin. But Klinkenberg was rewarded with the tournament’s trophy for sportsmanship as Mohr took the title and the “outstanding boxer” trophy.

Which intercollegiate fight do you think was the greatest?
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