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NCAA and NCBA Champion Boxing Teams

The first year of NCAA sponsorship of the boxing championship was 1932. However, national championships were conducted in 1924-31 as well. Before 1948, NCAA team boxing championships were unofficial because team points were not officially awarded. The NCAA ended its sponsorship of boxing after the 1960 finals.

Beginning in 1976, the NCBA sanctioned college boxing and the national championship.

Source: Wikipedia

Unofficial Team Champions

1924 Penn State
1925 Navy
1926 Navy
1927 Penn State
1928 Navy
1929 Penn State
1930 Penn State
1931 Navy
1932 Penn State
1936 Syracuse
1937 Washington State
1938 (co-champions)

  • Catholic University
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia

1939 Wisconsin
1940 Idaho
1941 Idaho
1942 Wisconsin
1943 Wisconsin
1947 Wisconsin

NCBA Team Champions

1976University of Nevada
1977West Chester University
1978University of Nevada
1979West Chester University
1980U.S. Air Force Academy
1981U.S. Air Force Academy
1982West Chester University
1983U.S. Air Force Academy
1984U.S. Air Force Academy
1985U.S. Air Force Academy
1986U.S. Air Force Academy
1987U.S. Naval Academy
1988U.S. Air Force Academy
1989U.S. Air Force Academy
1990U.S. Air Force Academy
1991University of Nevada
1992U.S. Air Force Academy
1993University of Nevada
1994U.S. Air Force Academy
1995U.S. Air Force Academy
1996U.S. Naval Academy
1997U.S. Naval Academy
1998U.S. Naval Academy
1999U.S. Air Force Academy
2000U.S. Air Force Academy
2001U.S. Air Force Academy
2002U.S. Air Force Academy
2003U.S. Air Force Academy
2004U.S. Air Force Academy
2005U.S. Naval Academy
2006University of Nevada-Las Vegas
2007Lock Haven University
2008U.S. Military Academy
2009U.S. Military Academy

Team Champions

1948 Wisconsin
1949 LSU
1950 (co-champions)

  • Idaho
  • Gonzaga

1951 Michigan State
1952 Wisconsin
1953 Idaho State
1954 Wisconsin
1955 Michigan State
1956 Wisconsin
1957 Idaho State
1958 San Jose State
1959 San Jose State
1960 San Jose State

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  • Dan Prado July 24, 2014, 2:22 pm

    Where is the history of Individual Champions from the NCBA ?

    • College Boxer July 24, 2014, 3:26 pm

      See my latest post.