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Rolling With the Punches

David Schacter won four national championships in the 132-lb class.

University of Nevada, Reno alum David Schacter has the uncanny ability to make mere moments into opportunities. In the boxing ring as a former collegiate boxer, this talent has served him well, earning him the National Collegiate Boxing Champion four times over.

In both the cultivation and as a result of this talent, Schacter has studied abroad in Costa Rica, Thailand and China, even getting the chance to train with martial arts practitioners in Thailand and China.

Schacter served as an intern with U.S. Sen. Harry Reid in Washington D.C. In his first week in the capital, he caught the attention of the Senator, as well as the local media. While this ability may seem more akin to luck, it is actually a combination of his magnetism and intelligence. Read more…

Watch Nevada’s David Schacter go for his 4th title vs. Addy Pizzarro of Lock Haven.

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