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2011 NCBA National Championship Results

The U.S. Military Academy men’s boxing team won its fourth consecutive NCBA National Championship on Sunday, continuing an unprecedented run of success for the Army program. Five cadets took individual national titles for West Point, who prior to 2008 had not won a national championship in the sport.

The cadets celebrate their fourth title in a row.
 (Tommy Gilligan)

The Naval Academy finished with two individual champs, while Air Force had one.

The West Point women’s boxing club also made its debut this past week, with three female fighters claiming wins in exhibition bouts during the Collegiate Boxing Association Championships: Cadet Kelsey Smith beat Cadet Katherine Houle; Cadet Giovanna Camacho beat Cadet Rebekah Estime; and Cadet Brandi-el Cook beat Penn State’s Anna Juska.

Results From the Men’s Bouts (Courtesy West Point Public Affairs):

112 pounds: Andrew Pineda (Air Force) defeated Ethen Isacson (Army)

 119 pounds: Tom Payne (Navy) defeated Matt DeMars (Air Force)

125 pounds: Andrew Morales (Nevada) defeated Danilo Garcia (Army)

132 pounds: Jerome Foster {UNLV) defeated Langston Clark (Army)

139 pounds: Terrell Anthony (Army) defeated Dan Starr (Air Force)

147 pounds: Steve Escobar (Army) defeated Justin Maio (Coast Guard)

156 pounds: Jeremy Catalano (Nevada) defeated Joe Silvio (Air Force)

165 pounds: Ryan Roach (Maryland) defeated Angelo Lonero (Navy)

175 pounds: Ryan Johnson (Army) defeated Chris Bertucci (Navy)

185 pounds: Luke Culver (Navy) defeated John Maddux (Army)

195 pounds: Mike Igaunis (Army) defeated Zac Spranger (Air Force)

Heavyweight: Brett Rather (UNLV) defeated Andre Shinda (Army)

Source: Military Times

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    Langston Lost in the final round

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