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Seriously, Nobody High-Fives Anymore!

I was eating and window shopping my way around Pismo Beach, CA the other day, when I spotted a sign on a store that piqued my curiosity. The sign read:
Seriously, nobody high-fives anymore!
The name of the store is “Knucks Out.” It sells a variety of men’s, women’s and kid’s apparel bearing its own branded logo.
I chatted with Jeff, the owner, for a while. A former baseball player, he now has a son who plays baseball and a daughter who plays softball. He coaches both of their teams. He told me he came up with the Knucks Out concept (fist bump) over a decade ago.

“Everybody fist bumps,” he said. “Even germaphobes!”

He was wearing a black baseball cap with the company logo on it. I was interested in buying a cap like the one he was wearing but, sadly, they were temporarily out of stock.
The store’s philosophy is stated on their website:
Everybody is different, and everybody has something or somebody that is important to them. A little girl hitting her first home run, an elderly man beating his best friend at a game of chess, or even just a group of teens meeting to hang out. It could be that one moment you will never forget. Then clench your teeth so you don’t scream, lock your knees so you don’t jump, squeeze your ribs so your arms don’t fly up and hit the person next to you, special moment.

Knucks out is a way to express yourself, introduce yourself or just to make one more person crack a smile on a bad day.
Nice concept!
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