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AIBA to Integrate Amateur, Pro Boxing

“Boxing 16,” has been approved by the AIBA executive committee and recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

Wu said the AIBA Congress set next month in Baku, Azerbaijan where the World Championship or 2012 London Olympics qualifier will be staged will ratify the rule for its implementation starting in 2013.

“Boxing 16 is a project initiated by AIBA to carry out various revolutionary strategies in order to truly govern boxing at all levels, develop a massive grassroots foundation to sustain a continuous high level of production of boxers and upgrade the global image and reputation of boxing and AIBA to take the sports back to its ‘Golden Age,’” said Wu.

“All of these are designed to accomplish AIBA’s missions by the time of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio,” he added.

Under Boxing 16, AIBA will create three major properties under its umbrella as core development and commercial assets, FIFA or International football federation style – the Amateur Olympic Boxing (AOB), World Series Boxing (WSB) and AIBA Professional Boxing (APB).

AOB will handle all aspects concerning events leading up to the Olympics, the WSB will be an event that would pit teams from all countries against each other and APB will cater to amateur boxers who will turn professionals.

“We hope Boxing 16 will redefine all different rules into a single, integrated system controlled by one governing body,” said Wu.

Source: PhiStar

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