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Air Force Concludes Second Round of Friday Night Fights

The Air Force boxing team concluded another round of Friday Night Fights on Oct. 19 with 12 tough bouts, ranging from 133 to 225 pounds. Freshman Jacob Berggren was named the Academy’s Boxer of the Week.

Competing in a 140-pound bout with Garrett Soileau, Berggren used a nice jab and straight left to keep his aggressive opponent on the outside. His lead left proved to be the deciding factor, as he repeatedly landed that shot and forced the referee to call the match near the end of the second round.

Berggren was one of three boxers to earn victories before the final bell. Levi Bradley fell behind early in his 147-pound bout with John Carol Buitrago, but caught a second wind in the latter rounds. He landed two hard combinations to Buitrago’s body and head in the third round to force the referee call the bout in the third round. Justin Smith combined speed and power to earn a referee-stopped win over Ruslan Garr at 170 pounds. Smith was in control from the start of the match and prevented Garr from gaining any momentum. He eventually landed a nasty body shot at the start of the third round that knocked the wind out of Garr and forced the official to call the bout.

Michael Magtalas opened the night with a 133-pound decision over Peter Cooke, while Kyle Gladney picked up a win over Alex Kim in the 159-pound weight class. Zigmas Polinauskas and Brandon Pitts both picked up victories by decisions at 165 pounds, as Polinauskas defeated Malcolm Price and Pitts took a decision from Jonathan Monsalve
Cory Furches defeated Donald Macary in the 140-pound bout, while Kevin Tucker took a decision from Matt Fischer in the 174-pound bout. Collin Fleck earned the judges’ decision over Max Zendali at 178 pounds, while Jeff Herrala took a victory from Randall Draeger in the 180-pound contest. In the night’s heaviest bout, Sean King took a decision from David Williford at 225 pounds.

The Falcons return to action next Friday, Oct. 26, when it travels to Detroit, Mich., for the annual Service Academy Classic at 8:00 p.m. (EST).


133-lbs.: Michael Magtalas (CS-34) dec. Peter Coote (CS-15)
159-lbs.: Kyle Gladney (CS-25) dec. Alex Kim (CS-34)
165-lbs.: Zigmas Polinauskas (CS-14) dec. Malcolm Price (CS-31)
140-lbs.: Cory Furches (CS-30) dec. Donald Macary (CS-10)
147-lbs.: Levi Braley (CS-03) rsc-3 John Carlo Buitrago (CS-15)
140-lbs.: Jacob Berggren (CS-30) rsc-2 Garrett Soileau (CS-31)
165-lbs.: Brandon Pitts (CS-11) dec. Jonathan Monsalve (CS-10)
170-lbs.: Justin Smith (CS-31) rsc-3 Ruslan Garr (CS-25)
174-lbs.: Kevin Tucker (CS-11) dec. Matt Fischer (CS-14)
178-lbs.: Collin Fleck (CS-24) dec. Max Zendali (CS-18)
180-lbs.: Jeff Herrala (CS-15) dec. Randall Draeger (CS-37)
225-lbs.: Sean King (CS-07) dec. David Williford (CS-35)

Source: GoAirforceFalcons

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