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AIBA to End Amateur Boxing in 2013

There will be no more amateur boxing effective next year as the International Boxing Association (AIBA) has directed all national federations to drop the term “amateur” from their names.

This is a result of the world governing body’s move towards professional boxing. It will signal the end of 132 years of amateur boxing history towards AIBA president CK Wu’s vision to professionalise the organisation of the sport. Wu came to the helm in 2006.

The world body will launch their ambitious AIBA Pro Boxing (APB) tournament. It will link closely with the World Series of Boxing (WSB) launched in 2010 and the only professional boxing competition in the world that allows participants to retain their Olympic eligibility.

As part of the revamp, AIBA made the call to national federations to drop the word amateur after the AIBA Statutes were amended at an extraordinary Congress in September.

“As the amendments to adopt the APB Programme at AIBA’s and Confederations’ levels have been completed, it is now time for all AIBA member national federations to amend their statutes, articles, constitutions or bylaws as they are defined,” said Wu in a letter to the national federations.

He added that what was previously known as amateur boxing will now be known as ‘AIBA Olympic Boxing’ (AOB) and each national federation will govern their own AOB and APB programmes in their respective countries.

UOC president William Blick confirmed receiving the communication as he said, “Yes its part of the constitutional changes.”

Source: Johnson Were, NewVision

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  • M.P.Demos, MD,JD. A/K/A Mickey Demos, Sr. December 23, 2012, 9:58 am

    What a shame to drop Amateur Boxing!. I became a physician through amateur boxing by way of a college scholarship and am still practicing medicine at the age of 82. So far, I still have all my marbles.Amateur boxing taught me the importance of respecting rules and displaying fair sportsmanship through the strict and safe rules of amateur boxing. When an amateur boxer becomes active in the sport he achieves respect for himself and, subsequently, has the same respect for authority and fair play, and becomes a better citizen of society

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