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86th Annual Daily News Golden Gloves Tournament

In addition to producing fine young champions inside the ropes, the Daily News Golden Gloves has always prided itself on producing fine student athletes outside of the ring.

Each year, the tournament sees its share of young champions but witnesses far more entrants with fleeting careers. That’s why the Gloves issues four separate scholarships to eligible participants; a boxing career can be momentary, but an education lasts forever.

Nowhere was this more apparent than last October on a Bronx overpass. Pedro Luis Sosa, a former Gloves champion and the 2009 tournament’s best open fighter, was left in critical condition from an auto accident on the eve of his announcement to turn pro. Sosa slipped into a month-long coma, and his sister, Jennifer, was killed in the crash. The former 141-pound great returned to the Gloves as a spectator in 2012 and has shown remarkable progress in his rehabilitation. Still, Sosa’s boxing career is most likely over before it really began.

Sosa now looks to follow in the footsteps of other Glove greats who have excelled beyond boxing. Sean Daughtry won four Gloves championships from 1988-92 between the 132- and 147-pound weight classes. He’s now a vice president at Chase.
Four-time champion Vincent Shomo, who fought between 1957 and 1960, was a successful financial investor.

The Theodore A. Atlas Foundation issues the $5,000 George Horowitz Scholarship each year. The award is given in memory of the late Everlast CEO and celebrates an amateur boxer who is attending or about to attend college. Last year’s winner was Michael Stoute.

The Joey Fariello Memorial Scholarship is given in honor of the famous boxing trainer. The $1,000 award is given to an outstanding young man or woman selected by the Fariello family. Trendon Franklin took home the scholarship in 2012.
Two separate Bill Gallo $500 scholarships are also to be awarded. These two grants celebrate the life of the long-time News cartoonist and lifelong supporter of the Daily News Golden Gloves.

The Daily News Golden Gloves is a revolving door of New York’s finest athletes. Yet, through a continued pursuit of education, these brawlers can hope to one day be New York’s greatest assets.

Source: Stephen Lorenzo, NYDailyNews

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