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Are You Ready for Amputee Boxing?

Amputee and boxing… two words you don’t expect to see in the same sentence. Well, amputee boxing has arrived by way of the National Amputee Boxing Association (NABA), based in San Antonio, Texas. NABA is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization.

There are a number of amputee athletes who participate in “adaptive sports” in a variety of areas from skiing, snowboarding, cycling, running, scuba diving and wheelchair basketball.

NABA offers all amputees, men, women, children and both veteran and non-veteran amputees the opportunity to learn the sport of boxing at any level, as a part of their physical fitness plan.

NABA promotes amateur based boxing in a safe and fun environment. If approved by the Paralympic Committee, amputees will only box other amputees with similar characteristics, in the same weight category. Amputees who choose boxing  do not have to compete, they can participate with NABA to receive free boxing fitness training.

NABA boxers have experienced great support from the San Antonio community since their start in May 2013! The support of Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau (Retired Major General) has inspired our amputee veterans to pursue their dreams of boxing in the United States Paralympics.

Visit their website, review videos, photos and boxer’s stories, and then donate to their cause. Strong support systems, connections, education and friendships are critical to all people. Providing an environment for amputees to mentor each other is  necessary for their stability in all areas.

Through Honor, Optimism, Partnership and Education  (H.O.P.E.), NABA provides amputees choice and opportunity.

Source: NABA

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