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Shippensburg University Boxing Club Has Slow Start, Promising Future

When asked how he felt about Shippensburg’s performance in these early fights Coach Travis Wylie stated that it was a “good learning experience for the Freshmen.” While Shippensburg did come out on the losing end of several of their fights, he remained hopeful for the future of the team saying they still have several good prospects for nationals this years.

One highlight matchup from over their weekend was Ings (Shippensburg) vs. Looney (Navy) in an intense fight that saw Shippensburg come out on top. When asked how he felt going up against Looney, who is a two time National runner-up, Shaliq said, “I knew it was going to be a tough fight…I made a game plan and watched a lot of tape. I made a game plan, I stuck with it, and came out the winner.”

As the fight started he admitted, “in the beginning I was a little bit nervous, but in the middle of the second round I hit him with one shot, and I knew he couldn’t take my power.”

With a precision based fighting style Shaliq managed to pick apart Looney and come out the winner after three rounds. Coach Wylie was very confident after the fight saying Shaliq came out on top in a “pretty dominant fashion.” Shaliq Ings has been boxing since he was 15 and had his first amateur fight at 18. This was Shaliq’s first fight for Shippensburg and he even claimed that this fight was, “the greatest fight of my life.”

With a slow start to the season there is still a big light shining through the rest of the season. Five people fought in total over the weekend so experience certainly was gained through these bouts. The Boxing Club meets 6:30 to 9:30 pm every weekday in Henderson Gym.

Source: Sam Fritz, The Slate

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