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100 Years of Cal Boxing 1916-2016

If you missed the big banquet and celebration of 100 years of boxing at Cal, here’s the next best thing.

100 Years of Cal Boxing 1916-2016 ” is a collection of news clippings, first hand stories, photographs, and archives from numerous sources in celebration of the UC Berkeley Boxing Club, the longest continuous intercollegiate boxing program in the United States. It was written by Paul Rein, a former Cal boxer.

Paul Rein, 1965 graduate of Cal and a 1968 graduate of U.C. Berkeley’s Boalt Hall, has practiced law in Alameda County for 47 years. For the last 41 years he has used litigation to protect the Civil Rights of physically disabled persons, challenging architectural barriers and other forms of discrimination, using California law and the Amercans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (the “ADA”). He has previously authored “Full and Equal Access: Disabled Rights Litigation in California” and “The Boxer and the Storyteller” (co-authored with the late Jim Hughes).
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